Review: Rang De(Nithiin, Keerthy Suresh)

‘Rang De’ hit the cinemas today (March 26). Nithin, who had a flop in the form of ‘Check’ just a month ago, is back in the avatar of a youngster with some issues. Let’s find out whether the film is worth a watch or not.
Arjun (Nithin) and Anu (Keerthy Suresh) are childhood friends whose families know each other well. Arjun, a dullard, is miffed that his father (VK Naresh) always compares him with Anu, who is a brilliant girl at studies. 

Anu’s mother (Rohini) seeks to get her married off against her wishes. While Arjun dislikes Anu, the latter has feelings for him. What happens when the duo gets married after a set of funny events is the crux of the story. 

After playing an intense character in ‘Check’, Nithin is seen as a somewhat comically childish character. His performance in the serious films of the film is better than that in the comedy scenes, where he shares screen space with Abhinav Gomatam, Suhaas and Vennela Kishore. The comedians are fairly impressive, with VK being the best of the three. 

Keerthy Suresh, after headlining a female-centric film like ‘Miss India’ last year, plays a bubbly role that necessitates her to step out of her comfort zone a bit at least. VK Naresh is good as a comedic dad, while Rohini is okay. Vineeth of ‘Prema Desam’ fame has a role in the second half. Brahmaji has a couple of comedy scenes. 

Technical Departments:
Devi Sri Prasad’s ‘Emito Idhi’ is soulful, and the wedding song is surprisingly catchy. The other songs are just about okay. The Rock Star does a passable job with respect to the BGM. PC Sreeram, who is regarded as India’s foremost cinematographer, feels underutilized. Avinash Kolla’s editing passes muster. 

Director Venky Atluri’s male characters have always come with certain traits. They come of age in the course of the story. His first film ‘Tholi Prema’ and his second outing ‘Mr. Manju’ (which was a flop) stayed true to this template. In his third film, the young filmmaker chalks out a predictable trajectory for his male lead, who grows from being a deliberately reckless and jealous guy to a thoughtful husband. 

The first half, with its share of fun moments involving the lead pair and their respective parents, is watchable. The comedy could surely have been better. The screenplay doesn’t oversell anything here and that’s a plus. 

In the second half, the proceedings get a tad heavy. Even so, the film doles out occasional comedy in patches. The climax is high on emotions after the passage of a song titled ‘Nee Kanulu Yepudo’, rendered by Sid Sriram.

What ‘Rang De’ essentially lacks is the ability to make the audience feel that something emotionally cathartic might happen in the story. The trajectory is too familiar, and there are no surprises in store in the second half. Keerthy Suresh’s character plays some pranks and that’s is all there is to her character. None of the scenes look serious-minded. 

To the film’s credit, it doesn’t drag itself much. It gives a voice to characters of all ages and stripes. 

‘Rang De’ is a coming-of-age love story that could have been a superb family entertainer had the comedy been strong. Watch it for the barely engaging emotional scenes. 

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