Review: RGV Deyyam(Rajasekhar, Swathi Deekshit)

‘RGV Deyyam’, directed by Ram Gopal Varma, is out in theatres. In this section, we are going to review the horror movie. 

Swathi Deekshit plays a college girl who gets possessed by the ghost of a psycho killer. His father (Dr. Rajasekhar) and stepmother (Anitha Choudary) are shocked. What the couple does to help their daughter get saved from the ghost is what the film is about. 

Swathi Deekshit, as an adolescent girl, headlines the film. Since the film was made more than seven years ago, almost all the faces in the film look much younger than what they are today. 

Rajasekhar is reduced to a crybaby throughout, while Swathi keeps making grimaces. Anitha Choudary is a miscast, while Jeeva, Benarjee, Ananth, Sana, Ahuthi Prasad and Tanikella Bharani play criminally underwritten roles. Devadas Kanakala, who passed away in 2019, plays a psychiatrist who looks more distraught than the girl’s parents. 

Technical Departments:

One trailer, which was originally called by the name of ‘Patta Pagalu’, said that Sai Karthik is the film’s composer. Another trailer identified the composer as DSR. Whoever took care of the background music, has done a shoddy job. Satish Muthyala’s cinematography is elementary. 


The film is a 100-minute long tragicomedy where writer-director Ram Gopal Varma’s only aim is to launch Swathi Deekshith and a few mimicry artists. Jeeva’s voice is not Jeeva’s, Ananth’s voice is not Ananth’s, and above all, Rajasekhar’s voice is not Sai Kumar’s. Ahuti Prasad and Devadas Kanakala are no more and so they couldn’t have dubbed for themselves. What is funny is that every dubbing artist comes across as a ridiculous rookie trying to mimic the onscreen artists. As for Swathi Deekshith, she was launched more far more effectively by Bigg Boss 4.

The storyline is outlandish, not just outdated. One character after another enters and marches out of the screen for entirely no thrilling reason. They keep repeating the same theme (revealing it would be revealing 90% of the story) over and over again. Nobody believes Rajasekhar’s character when he says his daughter is possessed even as she commits a series of fearsome murders. 

RGV, who preens that he is a radical thinker, makes the most cliched horror movie with its share of outrageous archetypes. Even a second-rate TV serial attempts to create more tension than the climax of this movie. 

If the dialogues are unintentionally funny, visual effects are totally absent. In the age of VFX and CI, RGV has made a TV serial-level horror flick.

The film was made when even OTT was not there to bail out box-office losers. One has to give it to RGV for releasing a reckless movie like this in the midst of a pandemic. That way, he has saved many lives by giving them an existential reason to skip this pathetic product.

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