Review: Shaadi Mubarak(Sagar, Drishya Raghunath)

‘Shaadi Mubarak’ hit the cinemas today (March 5). Written and directed by Padmasri, the film is a rom-com. In an era when most rom-coms are falling flat, does this film hold promise? Here is our review of the latest BO release. 

Sathyabhama (Drishya Raghunath) is asked by her mother, who is a match-maker, to accompany Sunnipenta Madhav (Sagar) to three places for ‘pelli choopulu’. Now, Sathyabhama is not cut out for the job. She is 27 and is not fond of the idea of marriage. Her attitude spills over into her equations with her mother’s client. When she meets Madhav, she shows irritation. Despite their huffs and puffs during their journey throughout the day, the duo predictably develops feelings towards each other. How they fall in love is the soul of the story. 

Drishya Raghunath headlines the film. It’s she who gets the maximum number of scenes and dialogues. The young actress delivers a praiseworthy act. She looks cute and doesn’t go over-the-top although her characterization is a bit over-the-top. Sagar of ‘Mogali Rekulu’ fame is nice, too. He looks dignified in the role of a match-seeker from Australia. 

Ajay Ghosh in the role of a funny cop is good. Ram Reddy, as the heroine’s father, emotes well in the few scenes that he gets. Comedians Bhadram, Rahul Ramakrishna and Madhunandhan have their parts in the story. None of them is forced. Hema, as the hero’s mother, is okayish. 

Technical Departments:
Sunil Kashyap’s work helps the film. He doesn’t rehash old tunes and does a thorough job with the BGM. ‘Krishna Ne Begane’, as well as the ‘Shaadi’ song, are catchy. Srikant Naroj’s cinematography is able. 

Somewhere in the film, we feel that Sathyabhama is being a bit over-reactive to things. Yet, we are not put off by the proceedings. That’s the good thing about ‘Shaadi Mubarak’, a romantic-comedy-drama that keeps the audience entertained despite its pitfalls. 

The film is a semi-road story at one level. The Sathyabhama-Madhav duo exchanges their viewpoints (in the form of somewhat reluctant conversations) and their equations keep shifting as they travel from one place to another in a cab. The cabbie, played by Rahul Ramakrishna, becomes a witness to the drama. Bhadram threatens to play a spoilsport unintentionally. 

Madhav is destined to meet a girl whom he had crushed on during his Intermediate days. Aditya Myakal is fun to watch, while Ajay Ghosh, who plays her cop-father, is hilarious. Shatru plays a brother to a potential bride and the film weaves situational fun around these characters. 

One feels the second half could have been way better. Even when the scenes don’t suck us into the drama, it is the chemistry between the lead pair that keeps us rooting for their story. 

‘Shaadi Mubarak’ may not be a heart-touching love story. But it certainly has some genuinely rib-tickling moments. Enjoy the characterizations, the strange characters, the chemistry between the lead pair and the overall mood of the film. 

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