Review: Thank You Brother

‘Thank You Brother’ is the latest direct-to-digital release. Currently streaming on Aha, it is a drama thriller. Here is our review of the movie. 

Abhi (Virat Ashwin) is a wealthy, entitled and unemployed engineering graduate whose father is no more. He drinks, spends time with his jobless friends, and is unthankful for his mother’s financial support. On his way to a job interview, he enters a lift with Priya (Anasuya Bharadwaj), a pregnant widow. Following a power failure, the lift stops and Priya goes into labour.

The above para has been drawn from the Wikipedia description of ‘Elevator Baby’ (Nigerian), whose remake ‘Thank You Brother’ is. Just the names have been changed and some tweaks made. The storyline of the Telugu remake is more or less the same. It’s how similar the remake is to the original. 

The casting is quite underwhelming and is also perhaps the film’s biggest undoing. Anasuya fails to bring a semblance of gravitas to the role of a pregnant widow who comes from a middle-class background and gets stuck in an elevator. Virat Ashwin headlines the film and his flamboyance is dreary. He looks somewhat over-dramatic in the serious moments. 

YouTuber Mounika Reddy, Annapurna and Anish Kuruvilla fit the bill. Viva Harsha fails to elicit laughs. 

Technical Departments:
Guna Balasubramanian’s background music makes the mood of the film all the more melodramatic. There was scope for the BGM to become inventive in the second half. But the opportunity was not used. The cinematography is ordinary. 


At just about 90 minutes, ‘Thank You Brother’ is thankfully not overlong. The proceedings, especially in the second half, would have become unbearable had the director Ramesh Raparthi over-indulged the male lead in these portions. 

And the premise of the movie and its storyline are good enough. Since the movie is streaming on OTT, many might just watch it with low expectations and find it a ‘not bad’ film. Had it been a theatrical release, it would have been a true disaster. 

The trailer of the film had more or less presented the entire substance. That’s where the problem with the thriller all began. The moment you see a pregnant lady in our films, you know the emotions spun around motherhood/labour pains. And here, you have her going into labour in an elevator where she is stuck with a spoilt brat. Does it take a genius to predict what it is going to be like when two such characters are in a survival drama kinda scenario?

The film would have redeemed itself had the right actors been picked. The casting is amateurish, while some characters other than Priya and Abhi are either too simplistic or stereotypical. 

‘Thank You Brother’ turns out to be a damp squib. A thriller inspired by a Nigerian drama, it is just not engaging.

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