RGV is losing the OTT plot, again!

Ram Gopal Varma is perhaps the only filmmaker of note who has lost the OTT game not once but twice, in two years. 

In 2020, soon after the pandemic set in, RGV thought he can sell his films via Shreyas ET and RGV World Theatre. The attempts came a cropper. Even a controversial film like ‘Power Star’ couldn’t move the needle. ‘Naked’ and ‘Climax’ flopped. 

This year, he has relief on Spark OTT. Last Friday came ‘D Company’, which has been panned across the board. He will next come up with ‘Dangerous’, whose trailer suggests the film is dangerously dumb. 

RGV is losing the OTT plot mainly because he doesn’t understand his audience. OTT viewers look for newness, not cheap tricks. Moreover, they want it to come at a very reasonable cost. Shreyas ET charged a bomb last year for RGV’s films, so also RGV World Theatre. Spark OTT has got a high subscription fee (high compared to the films it is going to have on offer). 

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