RGV joins Netizens to legitimize Paruchuri Mallik

Paruchuri Mallik has received a great amount of traction on the Internet in the past few days. Ever since the chemical engineer said that the third wave of the pandemic will result in a record number of deaths, he has been a viral figure on WhatsApp and other social media platforms. 

Ram Gopal Varma has joined social media users to legitimize Mallik, who is no expert on the coronavirus. The director said that the “supposed experts” debating against Mallik don’t have known credentials. He alleged that these experts are not contributing to public awareness. At the same time, said RGV, Mallik is right in painting a scary picture about the third wave.
As per a doctor, Mallik doesn’t know the difference between a variant and a mutant. He has pooh-poohed the spend on vaccines by the government while arguing that a syrup costing Rs 100 can reduce viral replication. Mallik is also an anti-vaxxer. Wonder if RGV is taking his rhetoric into consideration while trying to legitimize him.

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