RGV leaves Clubhouse debate saying his GF wants to kiss him

Ram Gopal Varma on Saturday night participated in a Clubhouse debate titled ‘Covid Politics With RGV’. Hosted by a senior journalist, the debate was about how the governments have dealt with the pandemic by imposing and lifting lockdowns from time to time.

It turned out that the controversial filmmaker was not really prepared to make cogent arguments. He allegedly made sexist remarks about Katrina Kaif and later opted out of the debate saying that his girlfriend was telling him that she would dump him if he doesn’t do so. “She wants to kiss me. So I am leaving this,” RGV said.

Entrepreneur Tanmay Shankar, who has a verified Twitter account, wrote that RGV was drunk during the debate. “He abused the system, the Prime Minister and people within the system! Not only this, he also made sexist remarks against a Bollywood actress and then ran away,” Shankar added. Columnist Tushar, one of the participants, too made the same allegations against RGV

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