RRR: Legends Keeravani, Seetharama Sastry create magic with ‘Dosti’

The first single ‘Dosti’ from RRR is out on the eve of Friendship Day. This song is another great work from the Legends MM Keeravani and Sirivennela Seetha Ramasastry. Through the ‘Dosti’ song,  Seetha Ramasastry has beautifully conveyed the soul of the film ‘RRR’, ” What will happen when two powerful opposite forces unite?”

He also sowed doubt that the unity of these forces may be destroyed too. Coming to MM Keeravani, his instrumentation for this song is refreshing. The way he used the Guitar, flute, violin at certain instances in the song added a new flavour and was awesome to hear. He mainly used Guitar, violin, and flute.

The ‘Dosti’ song has disclosed the soul of the film and how Ajay Devgn(tornado) character has erased the difference between them(Tarak & Charan) in RRR. Especially, the line “Penu jwalaki himanagam ichina kougili e Dosti( a hug of the snow mountain to furious flames of fire is friendship)” is awesome.

In the end, the entry of Ram Charan and NTR is stupendous and their screen presence is magical in the song, ‘Dosti’.

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