RRR writer is referring Wilbur Smith’s books for Mahesh Babu’s film

Writer Vijayendra Prasad who has been consistently delivering wonderful stories before and after Baahubali has been working for Superstar Mahesh Babu’s film. A film in the combination of Rajamouli and Mahesh was been pending right from Chatrapathi days. It hasn’t been materialized ever since.

After RRR, the director Rajamouli has confirmed that he will be doing a film with Mahesh. Later, there have been several speculations circulated over the story including African adventure.  Mr Vijayendra Prasad has confirmed in an interview with Film Companion that his son(Rajamouli) wanted him to write a story for Superstar by saying two words ‘Africa’ and ‘Adventure’.

He said of reading to World-renowned South African novelist Mr Wilbur Smith’s books, who is known for fictional adventure and historical fiction. The Baahubali writer also said that he hasn’t started writing yet.

A film in the combination of Rajamouli and Mahesh is expected in 2022. Currently, Rajamouli is busy with the last leg shoot of RRR.

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