RRR writer says,” Puri Jagan is his enemy”

Visionary director Rajamouli’s father, Star Writer K Vijayendra Prasad has given the first 1000cr movie to Indian cinema with Baahubali 2. Later, he gave the biggest hit in Salman’s career with Bajrangi Bhaijaan and later he did a movie Manikarnika with Kangana Ranaut.

This star writer who is bringing another classic ‘RRR’ to Indian cinema has disclosed his enemy for the first time in a talk show. Yes, he said director Puri Jagan is his enemy. That’s why he saved Puri Jagan’s picture to his mobile home screen.

Mr Vijayendra Prasad said this to Ali in a talk show called ‘Alitho Saradaga’. By seeing Puri Jagan, he will work harder to deliver wonderful work. Truly, it is a great confession from Vijayendra Prasad ji to laud a director’s work who is very less experienced than his vast experience. There is no greater degree of expression than calling Puri Jagan as his enemy by the Baahubali writer, which shows how much he loves the work of the Pokiri director.

He also said that Puri Jagan is his favourite director other than his son, Rajamouli.

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