RRR’s friendship song is viral, ‘Dhara dham Dhara dham Dhara dham..dham..!’

Maverick director Rajamouli is filming a friendship song on the lead cast Ram Charan, NTR, Alia Bhatt, Ajay Devgn along with the entire cast and crew of India’s biggest blockbuster. This song shooting is going on at two different locations in Hyderabad.

Now, this song’s 20-second video clip has been viral on social media. The excited fans have been circulating it with utmost happiness. Here are the lyrics of the leaked 20-second video clip consists, “Snehaaniki Chaachina Hastham, Praanaaniki pranam istham, Dhara Dham Dhara dham dhara dham dham” .

This song is expected to be released on the eve of friendship day on 1st August 2021.  And this song will come at the end of the film during the screening of rolling titles.

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