RTPCR reports are not mandatory for students and medical emergencies

In the Covid second wave, states like Kerala, Maharashtra, and Karnataka were the hotspots. Both Maharashtra and Karnataka have been reporting more cases since the second wave. And these states have been still registering cases. Coming to Kerala, it is quite different. Initially, Kerala was reported to have controlled the pandemic very well.

But now from the past few days, it has been registering more than 20k daily cases in the state.  

In Karnataka, there has been a slight rise in Covid cases and the state government has ordered whoever enters the state will carry RT-PCR certificates not less than 72 hours must be carried. Otherwise, no one will be permitted to enter Karnataka and check posts have been installed on the borders sharing with Kerala and Maharashtra too.

Speaking to the ANI, ADGP Karnataka Pratap Reddy said that students who are appearing for exams with ID Cards and in medical emergencies do not need RT-PCR reports.

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