Salaar chit chat with the Sridevi Soda Center team

It is a universal truth that Prabhas will stand for his friends. When it comes to films, he is always there to support and promote them. Although Prabhas is busy with the shooting of Adipurush, he allotted time for his friend Sudheer Babu.

He has interviewed them about Sridevi Soda Center which is truly a great thing. He doesn’t need to do this. For friends, Prabhas did and proved his Baahubalian heart. It was not the first time Prabhas did this for Sudheer Babu. In the past, he interacted with them for Bhale Manchi Roju. And the film became a hit for Sudheer Babu.

Now, he did the same for Sridevi Soda Center. The video of Prabhas’ chit-chat with the SSC team will be first released on Salaar’ FB wall. He supported the Jathi Ratnalu team also and it became a huge hit.

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