Salman Khan father says Radhe is not a great film

Superstar Salman Khan has released his Radhe this Eid. Despite the film breaking viewership records, it was unable to impress the critics. Radhe has fetched profits by reaching every home.

One of the greatest screenwriters of Indian Cinema, Salim Khan said that his son’s Radhe is not a great film. He expressed this opinion while talking to a popular Hindi newspaper. Salim Khan said Dabanng 3 was different and the film, Bajrangi Bhaijaan was good and totally different.  He also said that there are no good writers in the Hindi film industry right now. None of them read Hindi or Urdu literature.  He said nowadays writers have been Indianising the outside content rather than writing original and good stories.

Meanwhile, he said that the commercial cinema has the responsibility to get money for those who are associated with it.

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