‘Savitri w/o Satyamurthy’ Teaser: 20 weds 60!

The teaser for ‘Savitri w/o Satyamurthy’ is out. Starring Parvateesam of ‘Kerintha’ fame as the 20-year-old husband of Sri Lakshmi, a 60-year-old woman, the film is directed by Chaithanya Konda.

Going by the teaser, there is an element of fantasy in the story. Parvateesam plays a man who doesn’t age. While his wife and son age, he remains young, causing major embarrassment to them and himself. There could be an element of curse involved. 
Produced by Gogula Narendra, the film has been made as an entertainer with a slightly emotional touch. With cinematography by Anand Dola, the film has music by Satya Kasyap. Mahith Narayana is composing the BGM.  Mekala Mahesh has edited the comedy.
Its release date will be announced soon. 

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