‘Seetimaarr’ to create buoyancy in Tollywood?

The superb openings that ‘Seetimaarr’ got on Friday, which was its first day at the box office, is believed to be sending positive vibes across the Telugu film industry. Those who couldn’t book the September 10th slot must now be regretting that they had left the field open for Gopichand to exploit.

If the film continues to do well even after the first weekend, there will be no stopping a lot of Telugu films from joining the box office race with greater confidence.

Already, ‘Love Story’ has confirmed its release date to be September 24. So far, it’s the only noteworthy release coming out in the last week.

On September 17, ‘Gully Rowdy’ is the only straight Telugu film that is of some repute. With ‘Seetimaarr’ showing the BO potential, October might see distributors and producers renegotiating their deals, with the latter benefiting more than ever in the last few months.

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