“Selective behaviour harmful to democracy”- PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made some key statements and achievements by the Central government at 28th NHRC Foundation Day. Speaking on this occasion, PM Modi said their government was freed Muslim women from the decades’ agony by abolishing Triple Talaq and from the compulsion of ‘Mahram’ during Haj.

Mr Modi also revealed how selective behaviour was harmful to democracy by mentioning how some people’ perspectives will differ in human rights violations in some incidents compared to other similar incidents. Human rights will be violated when viewed via political spectacles, speech quoted by ANI.

He also reported about the one-stop centres in 700 districts for the safety of women to provide mental, legal, police, and medical help. And the Indian PM said that the BJP government has set up 650 fast track courts for heinous crimes like rapes etc.,

For such heinous crimes, the death penalty was introduced by the Central government.

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