Sensex to reach 55K by the end

U.S. brokerage firm Morgan Stanley expects Sensex to reach 55,000 points by the end of this year. If the situation for ‘Bulls’ remains the same by the end of the year, Sensex is expected to reach 61,000 and the bears will decline by 41,000 points. The second half of 2021 is expected to be favourable for the stock markets, with the Sensex predicting a 50 per cent chance of reaching 55,000 points by the end of this year.

The Growth, stability, government, RBI policies, corporate outcomes, all are positive for the markets, and analysts say that the current negative signals will change from the second half of this year.  

Morgan Stanley believes that the decline in the covid spread, the increase in recovery, and international inducements could contribute to the bull ranking. By the end of this year, the Sensex has a 30 per cent chance of reaching 61,000 points, while the Bears has a 20 percent chance to fall to reach 41,000 points.

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