Serum Institute of India made some serious allegations against the Central government

The second wave of the coronavirus epidemic is causing more panic. At the same time, the shortage of corona vaccines has become even more problematic. In this context, Suresh Jadhav, one of the largest vaccine manufacturers in the world, Executive Director, Serum Institute of India,  blamed the government for the current situation in the country.

He said the government had started vaccinating people of different ages without following the WHO guidelines and estimating the stock of vaccines in the country. Jadhav said the central government should follow the World Health Organization directives and decide on vaccination priorities accordingly. He said the government had started vaccinating people over the age of 45 years before they could reach the vaccine production target and had since launched a campaign to vaccinate those over 18 years of age.

He said the government had launched a campaign against the vaccine despite knowing that a large number of vaccines were not available. He said those who have been vaccinated should also follow the Corona protocol, otherwise, they are more likely to be infected with Corona.

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