Setback for theatres as ‘Sridevi Soda Center’ falters

‘Sridevi Soda Center’, which hit the cinemas on August 27, is said to be on its way to becoming a flop. As per the latest box office buzz, the romantic action drama may leave the distributors with losses to the tune of about Rs 3-4 Cr. 

The film’s poor performance is a setback for theatres, which were hoping to follow up on the success of ‘SR Kalyanamandapam’ and ‘Raja Raja Chora’ with ‘SSC’. Since producers Vijay Chilla and his partner have had a good success rate (read ‘Bhale Manchi Roju’, ‘Anando Brahma’ and ‘Yatra’), the distributors were betting big on ‘SSC’.
Starring Sudheer Babu, Anandhi, VK Naresh and Pavel Navageethan, the Karuna Kumar directorial received poor critics’ ratings as well. 

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