Shane Warne’s troll gets heavily trolled

Imagine someone asking Chiranjeevi if he knows how dancing works. Or, better still, putting the question to a Michael Jackson. It would be quite a Sampoornesh Babu moment. Exactly what has happened on Twitter.

On Saturday, legendary Australian spinner Shane Warne was literally asked by a Twitter user if he knows how spin works. “Very disappointed in NZ not playing a spinner in the #ICCWorldTestChampionship as this wicket is going to spin big with huge foot marks developing already. Remember if it seems it will spin. India make anything more than 275/300! The match is over unless weather comes in,” Warne wrote.

Least did he expect a cricket fan to say this as a counter: “Shane, do you understand how spin works? The pitch gets dry… this pitch won’t get dry because for the rest of the test, there is due to be rain.”

The reply has gone viral, with even the likes of Virender Sehwag joining the troll army. The user has since deleted the tweet but Twitter users have made sure that it stays for posterity by taking screenshots.

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