Shiv Sena MLA dumps garbage on the contractor for the improper drainage cleaning

From the past few days, heavy rains have lashed Mumbai. With this, many places in Mumbai were waterlogged. Mumbaikars were facing traffic congestion in many areas.

As per the ANI, Dilip Lande, Shiv Sena MLA of Chandivali who inspected the waterlogged roads has made the contractor sit on the waterlogged road and made workers dump garbage on him. He did this as the contractor didn’t do his job properly.

The Shiv Sena MLA did this act on the contractor for improper drainage cleaning. This video of MLA Dilip Lande has been viral on social media. Many have been praising the MLA for this act. Whatever the MLA has done would be normally seen in blockbuster commercial films.

Now, his act has become a blockbuster on social media. As per the ANI, the MLA says, “I did this as the contractor didn’t do his job properly”.

Speaking to the ANI “I had been calling up the contractor for last 15 days, requesting him to clear the road. He never did that. Shiv Sena people were themselves working on it. When he came to know, he rushed there. I told him that it’s his responsibility and he should do it”.

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