Shivani Rajasekhar gets acclaim for ‘Adbhutham’

‘Adbhutham’, which is the debut movie of Shivani Rajasekhar, is coming in for critical praise for her performance in the role of an automobile enthusiast in the latest OTT release. The film, which is directed by Mallik Ram, has been streaming on Hotstar since November 19.

Shivani’s dialogue delivery is reminding many of the naturalness of ‘Colours’ Swathi. For the unversed, Swathi was a noted name in the 2000s despite doing very few movies. After ‘Ashta Chamma’, the TV anchor became all the more popular.

Shivani may or may not have the charm of a Swathi but, as a Telugu-speaking actress, she has the capability to at least give the likes of Eesha Rebba a run for their money. She is the daughter of the Rajasekhar-Jeevitha duo. Shivani recently stated that she is open to playing glamorous roles. 

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