Shocking! Mehreen’s wedding is cancelled

Actress Mehreen Pirzada and her beau Bhavya Bishnoi have decided to call off their wedding, which was due to the held later this year. More than three months after their engagement, the actress today took to her social media handles to tell the world that she wouldn’t be marrying Bhavya, who is a politician in Haryana.

“We have decided to break off our engagement. We will not be going ahead with the wedding. It’s a decision that has been taken amicably and in the best interest. With respect in my heart, I would like to say that from now on, I have no further association with Bhavya Bishnoi, any of his family members or friends,” Mehreen said.

She said that she hopes nobody prods her about the issue in the future as it’s a very private matter. The ‘F2’ actress made it clear that she is willing to take on film projects and acting assignments in the future and give them her best shot.

The announcement comes a day after Mehreen landed in Hyderabad to shoot for ‘F3’.

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