Shocking! Neeraj Chopra asked about s*x life

Neeraj Chopra, who is the only Indian to win a gold medal in the Tokyo Olympics, has been busy giving interviews post his spectacular sporting exploits last month. In his latest interview, a particular question posed to him has created a lot of controversies.

Art historian Rajeev Sethi appeared as a guest questioner in an interview and asked Chopra about his s*x life. “How do you maintain a balance between your s*x life and athletic training?” Sethi, who has been trolled on social media for the question, asked.

There is a view that Chopra has been objectified by sections of media. Had it happened to a woman, there would have been so much hue and cry everywhere. “The Indian elite expose their disgusting face regularly. Neeraj Chopra may be from the village but he is a national icon who has got here through sheer grit and talent. The constant attempts to diminish and objectify him are shameful,” tweeted Smita Barooah, a columnist. 

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