Social media wants that celeb to be removed from the Bigg Boss 5

Amid huge expectations, Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 has started. As they promised, this time there was so much drama right from the initial episodes.

There is a war of words, mockery, tears etc., everything is happening in the Bigg Boss house. And it is quite common that some contestants to overreact. And it is natural that social media attacks those who seem fake and doing all non-sense in the house unnecessarily.

The social media doesn’t want Shwetha Varma in the house especially in the way that she reacted and behaved during the nomination process. It didn’t go well how she behaved towards Lobo and Hamida in the nomination process. They made a trend to remove her from the house.

On the other hand, another contestant Uma who was in this week’s nominations have gained sympathy and abruptly there was a rise in her voting percentage. Although she was using foul language, social media felt that the TV actress was playing honestly after comparing with other contestants in former seasons of Bigg Boss.

If she survives this week’s elimination, it corroborates that social media has liked her game.

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