Sodala Sridevi is ‘Anandhi’

As Sudheer Babu assured, an intro teaser of Sodala Sridevi is out. The team Sridevi Soda Center has taken good care of not revealing the name of the female lead. And that idea of the team has become successful in raising the curiosity to know who Sodala Sridevi is.

In Sridevi Soda Center, the gorgeous Anandhi is playing the role of Sodala Sridevi and she has been pretty impressive in the intro teaser along with Sudheer Babu. After Rangasthalam and Uppena, SSC will be another tale with a country touch.

The shooting of the film is said to be almost completed. And the team is looking for a good date to bring the Sridevi Soda Center to theatres.

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