Some Indian Muslims are celebrating Taliban’s rise: Senior actor

Acclaimed actor Naseeruddin Shah, who is known for stellar performances in several Bollywood and international films, has said in a video message that a lot of Indian Muslims are happy about the Taliban coming to power in Afghanistan. He opined that it’s a dangerous thing. 

In his message, a seemingly disturbed Shah said that choosing barbarism over religious reform is bad. He added that it’s for the Indian Muslims to realize that Indian Islam is different. Although Shah didn’t say it in as many words, he clearly suggested that religious reform has to be engendered to ensure that global Islam reflects the features of Hindustani Islam.

Welcoming Shah’s views, columnist Harsh Gupta Madhusudhan wrote, “Good statement. One must appreciate, and not dismiss it because of his other political views. One must also not dismiss it because of some historical inaccuracy in parts of his statement. This needed to be said and it is to his credit that he did it – and did not go silent here.”

A lot of Indian Muslims were seen welcoming Shah’s views on social media. 

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