Sonia, Rahul criticize vaccination pace

Sonia Gandhi has penned an Op-Ed article in ‘The Hindu’, criticizing the Narendra Modi government’s vaccination policy. She questions the junked policy of the Centre to let “cash-strapped States” procure vaccines The policy, introduced and withdrawn earlier this year, was a flop. The Congress leader also mentions that the gap between the proportion of the population that received the first dose and both doses is widest in India. 

She further writes, “The PM likes to emphasize that vaccines are free, while conveniently forgetting that they have always been free. It is the BJP government that moved away from India’s universal free vaccination policy.” 

Plugging the article, Rahul Gandhi today suggested that the Centre has been resorting to tactics in celebrating the completion of 100 crore doses. “Jumla-version of the vaccine story won’t save lives. Actual vaccination will,” the Wayanad MP wrote.

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