Sounds of Indian musical instruments will become horns for vehicles

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari was excelled in every role that the Modi government has attributed to him, whether it is Health Minister or Road and Transport. At Present, Nitin Gadkari is serving the nation as the Minister of Road Transport and Highways.

He has been studying various approaches to come down the accidents death rate in India. And he also renovating roads that found technically wrong. Through study, he identified that more than 40% of roads were technically wrong and these were the cause for accident deaths in India.

Mr Gadkari took an oath to set right the erroneous roads. Under his able leadership, India laid 11,035 KM of national highways since April. It has been constructing a 32.8KM per day and in future, it will touch more than 40 KM per day.

Mr Gadkari speaking at an event to introduce Indian musical instruments like Tabla, Harmonium, Flute, Veena etc., as horns for vehicles. The Union Minister said of considering bringing this new law to use only Indian instruments as horn.

And he also said of changing horns for ambulances and police. He wanted to remove red beacons and planning to use the tune composed for All India Radio( Akashaavaani) for ambulances and police, which would be pleasant.

Nitin Gadkari was also mentioned how annoying while minister vehicles pass by with a full volume of sirens and it would hurt ears. He was studying to replace them with the Akashaavaani tune.

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