Srikanth’s remarks upset senior Naresh

Senior Naresh is quite unhappy that Srikanth recently called him on for giving a video byte on Sai Dharam Tej. Soon after the Mega hero met with a road accident on September 10, Naresh said that Tej is fond of bike racing. This was taken to mean by many that the Mega hero was driving rashly at the time of the accident. Srikanth questioned the timing of Naresh’s byte.

Issuing a clarification, Naresh said that he never insinuated that Tej was driving rashly. “I am totally aware that the accident was caused by the sand that was there on the road. Srikanth’s remarks are uncalled for. A bike is not like a toffee that we give our children. As elders, we expect youngsters to be cautious on the road. Srikanth lost out to my panel in the previous MAA election. He should watch his words and be careful before condemning others. People are saying as they like on our remarks and counters,” Naresh lamented. 

The senior star advised Srikanth not to misinterpret his intentions. 

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