Subaltern Hindutva faces a big upset: Analysts

The defeat of the BJP in West Bengal has been seen as a loss of face for subaltern Hindutva. Political commentators are of the view that the saffron party has received a terrible defeat in its attempt to project the new streak of Hindutva as its winning strategy. 

In Bengal, the BJP was hoping to bank on SC, ST and OBC votes. It was not counting on upper caste votes. Ahead of the polls, political analyst Sajjan Kumar wrote that subaltern Hindutva had caused a shift on the ground.

However, the results have shocked the BJP and RSS. Muslim vote consolidation in favour of the TMC was fierce. And Hindu women voted enthusiastically for the TMC. It’s said that Hindu women were impressed with Mamata Banerjee’s welfare schemes, while Muslims were happy with appeasement politics and TMC’s potential to keep the BJP out of power. 

Modi and Amit Shah will now think of subaltern Hindutva plus traditional Hindutva perhaps!

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