Sudheer Babu confirms the intro teaser of ‘Sodala Sridevi’

Sudheer Babu who has been entertaining fans and Telugu movie lovers with different stories has confirmed the date to reveal the ‘Sodala Sridevi’ from his film ‘Sridevi Soda Center’.

Earlier, the team has introduced Sudheer Babu as ‘Lighting Sooribabu’ from SSC on the actor’s birthday. Now it’s time to know the lady love of Lighting Sooribabu.

Tomorrow, ‘Sodala Sridevi’ of SSC will be revealed at 10 AM. The team has been amplifying the expectations on the film by unique promotions. The first single ‘Mandhuloda’ that was released recently has become an instant chartbuster.

Sridevi Soda Center is produced by 70MM Entertainments and directed by Karuna Kumar.

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