Sudheer Babu raises voice against controversial law

Actor Sudheer Babu has joined the likes of Suriya and Karthi to oppose the proposed amendment to the Cinematograph Act, by which the Central government will have the right to review a certified movie. The ‘Sammohanam’ actor today tweeted that the film industry shouldn’t be deprived of the right to freedom of expression.

In a provocative tweet, the ‘V’ actor asked, “We don’t want an atmosphere of fear. What’s the use of having a CBFC if there’s a concept of re-censor?”

The ‘Aa Ammayi Gurinchi Meeku Cheppali’ actor thundered that half of the politicians would be behind bars if they are held to account for the “filth” they speak. The actor opined that it’s not for any government to decide what kind of cinema should be made.

He is the first major Telugu actor to raise his voice against the law.

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