Suhas in a full-steam eccentric mode in ‘Family Drama trailer

‘Family Drama’, starring Suhas in the role of a maniac, seems to be a psychological crime thriller. Its trailer is out.

Director Meher Tej has cast the ‘Colour Photo’ actor in a seemingly violent role. At the same time, he doesn’t behave like a typical antagonist or serial killer.

Also featuring Teja Kasarapu, Pooja Kiran, Anusha Nuthula, Shruti Meher and Sanjay Ratha, the upcoming release is co-written by Shanmukha Prashant. 

Ajay and Sanjay have composed the music. Venkat R Shakamuri is its director of photography. Bankrolled by Chashma Films and Noothana Bharathi Films, it has Yellayya S as the production designer. 

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