Suhas’ movie titled ‘Family Drama’

At a time when most filmmakers are averse to making family dramas, someone has chosen to title their movie ‘Family Drama’. We don’t know whether the title is meant to satirize the genre, but the poster of the movie looks quite interesting.

Starring Suhas as the hero, the film is directed by Meher Tej. Suhas, who last year was seen in the OTT hit ‘Colour Photo’, seems to have got a semi-serious and semi-comical role in the movie.

Also starring Pooja Kiran and Sruti Nori, the film is jointly produced by Chasma Films, Noothana Bharathi Films, and Mango Mass Media. Edited by Raamakrishna Arram, Ajay, Sanjay and Venkataramana Shakamuri are associated with the movie.

Suhas is known for playing important roles in ‘Majili’ and ‘Agent Sai Srinivas Athreya’.

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