Sundeep Kishan tells woman to calm down

Actor Sundeep Kishan, who has decided to give a fresh lease of life to children orphaned due to the pandemic, today tweeted that he and his team are aware of the legal issues concerning the adoption of children. Soon after he announced his noble plan, a woman asked the ‘A1 Express’ actor to first know that the adoption of children through any authority other than Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA) is illegal. 

Reacting to the tweet, the ‘Gully Rowdy’ actor said that he has done his homework and asked the woman not to behave as though she is the only one who knows everything.

“Some people just love to take the first given opportunity to be a Know it all My team & I reasonably educated & are in touch with the concerned officials to figure the best way to do this,we are all trying to do our bit here…so if possible help, if not pls keep calm,” the ‘Vivaha Bhojanambu’ producer tweeted. 

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