Sunny is working hard for Adipurush

The team Adipurush is working with love and utmost dedication as they’re bringing up the inspiring life of Lord Shri Rama. In this film, the director Om Raut will depict the heroic quality of Lord Shri Ram including honesty and other qualities that everyone has to learn and implement in one’s life.

As said above, the director Om Raut is unleashing the heroic warrior avatar of Rama, he asked the other actors to build muscle.  Based on the director’s call, Sunny Singh who is playing Laxman in the film has been working hard for the muscular body.

The shoot of Adipurush is stalled due to the pandemic. And it is known that the team has planned to resume the shoot in Hyderabad but it is also in dilemma after the Telangana government has imposed the lockdown in the state.

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