Superstar Krishna wants to remake a yesteryear classic with Mahesh, but..!

Legend, Evergreen Superstar Krishna has a dream to watch his son in Bollywood films. At the beginning of Mahesh’s career, he tried a lot and the Superstar expressed his wish to introduce his son to Bollywood.

The Daring and Dashing Star made an attempt to introduce Mahesh to Bollywood with yesteryear classic ‘Patala bhairavi’, the film that made Legend NTR a Superstar. But Mahesh has denied it smoothly and said didn’t want to go to Bollywood.

Not only Superstar Krishna, but Bollywood’s yesteryear star Jithendra also wanted to introduce Mahesh to Hindi cinema through his Balaji Films. He reiterated the same in K Raghavendra Rao’s talk show too.

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