Superstar Rajinikanth proved again that his craze is unmatchable in Japan

It was known that Superstar Rajinikanth had a huge fanbase in Japan since Muthu. To meet him, every year fans from Japan will come to Tamil Nadu. No other Superstar across the globe has such a following to meet their demigod fans crossed oceans, only Thalaivar had.

Like how Tamil Nadu celebrates the release of Superstar’s film, like the same way Japan fans also celebrate. Post pandemic, slowly theatres have been opening across the globe. In Japan, theatres have opened with Superstar Rajinikanth’s Darbar.

Thalaivar Darbar has all housefull houses from today to 21st July at Japan’s MKC plex. That too, it is a re-release in Japan. Earlier, Darbar was released in Japan simultaneously with Indian release on 9th January 2020.  This is another proof of Rajini’s unmatchable craze in Japan.

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