Supreme Court serious warning to AP government

Due to the pandemic, many states in India have postponed the Tenth and Intermediate examinations. But the Andhra Pradesh government was adamant to conduct the examination.

Over the AP government’s decision to conduct examinations during these covid times, a PIL filed in SC and it came to a hearing. SC grilled YS Jagan’s government’s decision to conduct examinations in the midst of the pandemic.

It warned the AP government to compensate one crore if anyone dies. It asked the state government whether it is trying to prove it can conduct the exams when many other states have cancelled their State Board exams. It also said that it was not the time to prove anything here. And it is a matter of lives.

According to the AP government, 34K-35,000 rooms will be set up for 5.2 lakh students, with 15-18 sitting in each room. However, the affidavit did not specify how the thousands of rooms would be made available and coordinated, and the court also questioned how the 15-day time limit for setting up the thousands of rooms could be sufficient. The SC also questioned what would happen if a third wave came during the examinations. The tribunal directed that no further time be given in the matter and that a decision be taken by Thursday evening.

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