Suresh Productions set to release ‘WWW’

‘WWW’, a small-scale cyber crime thriller, features Adith Arun of ‘PSV Garuda Vega’ fame and Shivani Rajashekar in main roles. Directed by KV Guhan of ‘118’ fame, the film has got a shot in the arm.

On Tuesday, the prominent production and distribution company Suresh Productions announced that it will be releasing the movie in theatres. Ramantra Creations is elated that SP has struck a deal with it to release the movie in September or October. 

Making the announcement, a teaser was released. We see a group of youngsters having video calls over an app. They are caught unawares when hacking happens. 
Edited by Thammiraju, its music is by Simon K King. Dialogues are by Mirchi Kiran. Produced by Dr. Ravi P. Raju Datla, the film has the story by Guhan, who is also its cinematographer.

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