Suriya to practice with a real bull for Vaadi Vaasal

The title look of Suriya and director Vetrimaaran’s Vaadi Vaasal unfolds what the film is all about. In the Vaadi Vaasal title look, there is a raging bull imprinted on the coin.

In this film, Suriya is playing the role of a bull tamer. He is practising with a healthy grown bull for Vaadi Vaasal. This shows again his commitment and passion towards cinema. For this, we have to thank Legend Kamal Haasan who never stopped experimenting with films and was ready to go to any extent to justify the roles. We can proudly say that no one has ever portrayed those many different roles in the history of international cinema.

With his inspiration, many stars like Suriya, Vikram etc., are doing different roles and to justify they’re willing to go to any extent.  Legend Kamal Haasa had practised with a bull for a jallikattu scene in Virumaandi.

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