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Brahmaji makes a fervent appeal to film critics

Brahmaji, the senior character artiste, has urged film critics to give positive reviews to movies at a time when the film industry is mired...

Review: Thimmarusu

'Thimmarusu' has hit the cinemas today (July 30) amid fairly good expectations. In this section, we are going to review the latest box-office release. Story:Ramachandra...

NTR to release Thimmarusu trailer!

Young Tiger NTR to release actor Sathyadev's Thimmarusu trailer on 26th July at 4:50 PM. This is a great boost for the entire team...

Satyadev’s ‘Thimmarusu’ done with Censor formalities

Satyadev Kancharana's 'Thimmarusu', directed by Sharan Koppisetty of 'Kirrak Party' fame, is being produced by Mahesh Koneru and Srujan Yarabolu. Touted to be a...

Priyanka Jawalkar glams it up for Satyadev’s movie

Priyanka Jawalkar is playing the female lead in 'Thimmarusu', which is scheduled to hit the cinemas on July 30. The news is that the...

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