Taliban coverage by Indian media draws Netizens’ ire

A national TV channel has said that the Taliban is no longer the dreaded near-medieval terror outfit it used to be. To buttress the observation, a show on the TV channel has one of the most popular anchors talk about how the Taliban leadership has been allowing women to interview them, work in hospitals as doctors, and also have a say in many affairs.

However, the narrative that the TV channels are presenting is drawing the ire of a lot of Netizens. They are accusing the Indian media of trying to normalize the Taliban. 
This view is not limited to social media users. A columnist said that the process of the “gentrification” of the Taliban has begun. He said that the Islamist terror outfit, which wants to impose the Sharia rule in Afghanistan, has got excellent PR machinery.

Meanwhile, a host of social media influencers have tweeted favourably about the Taliban leadership taking “unscripted questions” from journalists. They have drawn a parallel with how Narendra Modi doesn’t take questions from the media. This particular pattern has come in for criticism. “There seems to be a script behind the roster of tweets from the anti-BJP liberal commentariat,” a Twitter user opined. 

Those who are in favour of the reportage are of the view that the media’s job is to report the things that are unfolding anywhere. 

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