TDP BC leader to join in TRS

After Eatala Rajender has been sacked from the party under land encroachment allegations, the TRS party is considering filling the vacuum of Eatala with another top BC leader from the other parties. In this regard, TRS leaders have approached the only Telangana TDP leader L Ramana and welcomed him into their party.  Not only that, there was news in the media that Ramana was going to join the TRS party.

Recently, T-TDP state president L Ramana’s meeting with party cadres and activists at his residence in Jagtial has been strengthening the suspicions. He is discussing the future course of action with the party cadre in the district. In the coming days, L Ramana will be planning to join the TRS along with the party’s cadre and activists. Regarding this, clarity will be expected in two days.

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