TDP Nellore leaders stood in a circle of fire against fuel price hike

In India, organizing protests by opposition parties against the ruling parties is quite common if any decision hurt people. Whether the covid cases in the country have been declining or not, fuel prices have been consistently rising.

Against fuel price hike, TDP Leaders organized a risky protest in Nellore. So far, we have seen protests like cooking food on roads, riding bullock carts, playing cricket on roads, half-naked protests etc., None of these wouldn’t hurt political leaders. But TDP leaders in Nellore has opted for a different and dangerous way of agitation.

They stood in a circle of fire. As flames are blazing, the leaders stood in the circle of fire which is dangerous.  As per Revathi tweets, “Way too dramatic and dangerous, though the intention was good.”

As Aashish reports, “In Anantapur petrol is sold at Rs 108.12 per litre. In Vijayawada and Visakhapatnam petrol is available at Rs 108.23 and Rs 106.80, while diesel is at 99.80 and 98.43. Andhra Pradesh has around 36%VAT on fuel.”

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