Teja Sajja faces an uphill task now

Teja Sajja has hit a stumbling block at the box office with his film ‘ISHQ’ opening to negative reviews. The budding actor now faces an uphill task barely months after he delivered a box-office hit in the shape of ‘Zombie Reddy’.

The ‘Oh! Baby’ actor, who was a reputed child artist of ‘Indra’ fame, opted for a remake too early in his career. Since big names like NV Prasad and RB Choudhary approached him, he felt that ‘ISHQ’ shouldn’t be missed. But the film’s lack of nativity has affected its prospects. 

Teja Sajja now has to recoup his strength with his upcoming movies, mainly ‘Hanu-Man’, which is directed by Prasanth Varma. ‘Adbutham’ is yet another of his upcoming movies. 

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