Telangana exhibitors apologize to Nani

Telangana exhibitors have released a press note stating that some of their comments haven’t been targeted at anyone. And averred whatever the comments made yesterday was out of anguish.

Yesterday, a press meet was held by Telangana exhibitors, distributors and theaters association against the release of Tuck Jagadish on OTT. This press meet was headed by Asian Sunil. During the press meet, some exhibitors have made some harsh comments against Nani over Tuck Jagadish’ OTT release.

And some warned to boycott Natural Star Nani’s movies release in theaters across Telangana. Asian Sunil Narang requested Tuck Jagadish release to postpone the OTT release on 10th September where his film ‘Love Story’ is releasing on the same date in theaters across Telugu states.

Over comments on Nani, Telangana exhibitors mentioned in the statement that the comments made by them were not to hurt anyone and it was for the betterment of the trade. And they expressed regret and confessed their apology if anyone hurt with their remarks.

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