Telangana governor to take the covid-19 vaccine along with tribals

Telangana Governor Tamilisai Soundararajan will take a covid-19 jab along with the tribal people in a PHC to clear their suspicions on the vaccine. Speaking to the ANI, Telangana governor who said that the vaccination is progressing pretty well in the state has revealed many tribal people are reluctant to take the Corona vaccine.

She said that Telangana has more tribes and these people are hesitant to take Covid jabs. To drive away the fears and suspicions about vaccination in them, the governor will get a vaccine among them in a PHC.

With this act, she is confident that tribal people will get their vaccines at a time along with her.  On the other hand, Mrs Soundarrajan who is also the Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry has said to complete the total vaccination in the whole UT before 15th August.

So far, more than five lakh covid vaccines are administered.

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